Tvrďák is not only the race it is a challenge where you learn to fight obstacles and  overcome yourself

Distances: 2+ Km I 5+ Km I 10+ Km

20 000+ Racers

Join racers that have found courage to test their mental and physical qualities. You get a life time experience

Categories : Elite I Open I Fitness


2+ KM race in Košice for those who are just starting. In Bratislava the race will be in top sport venue X-Bionics Sphere in Šamorin

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KIDS I 2+ KM I 5+ KM


BA x-bionic® sphere
KIDS I 2+ KM I 5+ KM


KIDS I 5+ KM I 10+ KM


KE 5+IBA 5+IBB 10+


Fee: 90 €

# Tvrďák Series


Complete all three races in 2020 series and get unique medal Tvrďák Slovensko… Become a part of elite family ! More info click here

I want to only try the race

You can complete the race in Fitness regime, without time measurement. No burpee penalty applies, you can skip obstacles if you like. You get medal and everything else as regular racers. Register in waves 2-10.

Tvrďák 2+ / 5+ / 10+

INTRO: 2+ KM / 10 + obstacles:

for beginners, families etc.
no race results announced

KLASIK: 5+ KM / 20 + obstacles:

for advanced racers
the winners ceremony announced

ARMY: 10+ KM / 25+ prekážok:
for strong athletes
the winners ceremony announced


Tvrďák Kids

For kids 8-14 years. The route is up to 1 km 7+ obstacles. Kids get medal after the race.

  • Get sporting cloth, and extra dry things to change after the race
  • Be there 1 hour before start of your wave
  • Bring printed and signed your registration entry ticket
  • Warm up before the start
  • The wave start system 10-15 racers in one group in 2 min intervals

Fitness regime. No time measure, no penalty, you can skip obstacles

Measure time. You can compete solo or team – min 3+ racers. The time of three fastest racers in the team is count.

1. Wave Elite – Tsunami: for top athletes, no help at obstacles, 1 attempt. If fail 30 burpees for men, 15 burpees for women. No help allowed.  Winners 1,2,3 in solo and (Man, Woman) a Teams

2 – 8 Open Waves: racers can help each other. Any number of attempts to overcome obstacle. Penalty for failing on obstacle 30 burpees men, 15 burpees woman

Winners 1,2,3 in solo and (Man, Woman) a Teams








Race fee covers medal, medical, time measure, refreshment


Functional sport apparel

New sport apparel, that you can pre-oreder today. You will get the at the race date.